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[10 Jun 2006|12:04am]

[ mood | tired ]

Some of the nicest feelings in life
* when you're really, really tired and can crawl to bed
* walking around with a friend in the middle of the night
* being silent with someone and knowing they know you know neither of you feels awkward about it
* putting on socks that have been drying on a warm radiator
* drinking hot juice or hot chocolate when you've just come back in and your fingers are cold
* falling asleep in the night in a car
* lying on your back in summer, having nothing urgent that you should do
* when you get a pack of newly developed photographs and among them there's one good one
* watching the people you care for having fun / being so excited their eyes sparkle


first post [16 May 2006|11:36am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

~pretty icons
~finding lovely, unexpected things at the library
~sleeping in
~being girly
~trying a new recipe
~shafts of sunshine
~drinking tea

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[19 Apr 2006|02:35am]

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[11 Apr 2006|08:32pm]

Dancin' where the stars go blue
Dancin' where the evening fell
Dancin' in your wooden shoes
In a wedding gown

Dancin' out on 7th street
Dancin' through the underground
Dancin' little marionette
Are you happy now?

Laughing with your pretty mouth
Laughing with your broken eyes
Laughing with your lover's tongue
In a lullaby

~when the stars go blue

how to fall in love with a man: he cooks you breakfast. [11 Apr 2006|12:10am]



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